Ported by Audrey D. Schmidt | 2 Comments | December 11 , 2016

SERVICE RECOVERY DURING BREAKDOWN: - When you compare satellite television with cable TV, service recovery is faster with satellite television whenever power outages occur. In times of major power breakdown and extreme storms, power outages are experienced in homes leading to a blackout. When power is finally restored, it is faster for satellite television to recover much more than cable TV. This may not have any meaning to you, but for those that are living in some parts of the United States of America will understand this better and appreciate what I am saying.

WIDE PROGRAMMING SELECTION: - Cable Television offers as much as 130 channels which are in standard programming packages. Satellite television provider offers up to 250+ programming channels.
THE DISADVANTAGES WITH SATELLITE TELEVISION: - The following are the minuses that are associated with satellite television;

ADDITIONAL COST: There is the need for subscribers to make an additional payment if they are interested in having to view more channels that they would in the case of cable TV.

SHORT OF VALUABLE ADD-ON: - Whenever consumer orders cable TV services, they are welcome to the service provider bundle services, which may comprise a phone, the internet, radio, and TV services at the price of one. Comcast does this and the offer is made available to its customers and therefore gives its customers opportunity to save money.

Critically looking at the advantages and disadvantages of satellite television, you may want to conclude that, it may not be the best option for those that are in the low income earning group. It is therefore advisable that you are sure of the package you want to go for before getting to the market to purchase one.